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October 2012

PULP Magazine is the premier music publication in the Philippines since 1999.

The Site

The website serves as a preview portal of the latest published issue and as a wayback machine, which provides information of their back issues. We built a custom CMS and features different sections (e.g. News, Blog, Column, Reviews) to publish different types of content which is all managed through an admin panel we also developed in PHP/MySQL.

PULP Magazine Live

We also spiced it with a helpful locator widget called “Where to buy PULP?” where visitors can search which stores they can get a grab on the latest issue of PULP Magazine.

PULP Magazine Live


PULP Magazine is published by The Fookien Times Yearbook Publishing Co.


Co-developed with John Louie Vera. Interns Jeniffer Arroyo and Carlo Villoria.

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